TruLo is a range of fun, great-tasting classic liqueurs that offer
a delicious, reduced calorie option for the today's consumer.

With our tasty range comprising of Peach Melba, Coconut Rum, Espresso and Passion Fruit, there’s a flavour for you whatever your taste.

Coconut rum liqueur
10 kcal per 25ml | £9.99

Espresso Liqueur 32 kcal per 25ml | £9.99
Peach Melba Schnapps
31 kcal per 25ml | £9.99

Passion fruit Liqueur
10 kcal per 25ml | £9.99

Trulo Coconut


*Malibu, rum Havana coconut liqueur, four layers coconut Liqueur, Paradise Isle, Tia Maria, Kahlúa, Archer, Rockets, Aspens peach schnapps.