Evoking all the flavour and tropical smells of a sun soaked Caribbean Island, rich in coconut with the unmistakable taste of island rum. REDUCED CALORIE COCONUT RUM FLAVOURED Rich, dark, mysterious and as sophisticated as you want this velvet smooth drink to be. Add a shot of real coffee, some ice and savour, edgy and strong. REDUCED CALORIE ESPRESSO LIQUEUR Evokes those beach side summer holiday memories enjoying your favourite ice cream sundae, fruity and fresh tasting REDUCED CALORIE PEACH MELBA SCHNAPPS A party in a drink, our liqueur contains all the fruity taste of the real thing but accompanied with a creamy and naturally sweet aftertaste, totally refreshing. REDUCED CALORIE PASSION FRUIT LIQUEUR

TruLo is a range of fun, great-tasting classic liqueurs that offer
a delicious, reduced calorie option for the todays consumer.

With our tasty range comprising of Peach Melba, Coconut Rum, Espresso and Passion Fruit, there’s a flavour for you whatever your taste.

Coconut rum liqueur
34 kcal per 25ml | £9.99

Espresso Liqueur 32 kcal per 25ml | £9.99
Peach Melba Schnapps
31 kcal per 25ml | £9.99

Passion fruit Liqueur
36 kcal per 25ml | £9.99

*Malibu, rum Havana coconut liqueur, four layers coconut Liqueur, Paradise Isle, Tia Maria, Kahlúa, Archer, Rockets, Aspens peach schnapps.