• Coconut Rum 10cal
    Evoking all the flavour and tropical smells of a sun soaked Carribean Island, rich in coconut with the unmistakable taste of island rum. Best served simply over ice and a wedge of lime with your favourite diet cola for guilt a free refreshing summer drink .

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  • Espresso Liqueur
    Rich, dark, mysterious and as sophisticated as you want this velvet smooth drink to be. Add a shot of real coffee, some ice and savour, edgy and strong.

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  • Passion Fruit 10cal
    A party in a drink, our liqueur contains all the fruity taste of the real thing but accompanied with a creamy and naturally sweet aftertaste, totally refreshing. Why not try in a long glass, over ice, garnished with mint and topped up with soda water for a low calorie take on the classic Mojito.

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  • Peach Melba Schnapps Liqueur
    Evokes those beach side summer holiday memories enjoying your favourite ice cream sundae, fruity and fresh tasting, a taste of summer. Serve in a tall glass with ice and a slice of lemon and top up with your choice of diet lemonade, simple yet refreshing.

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